Remeron (Mirtazapine)
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Product description: Remeron is a tetracyclic antidepressant which is used to treat a certain type of depression called major depressive disorder.
Active Ingredient: Mirtazapine
Remeron as known as: Zapex, Miva, Mepirzepine, Divaril, Zuleptan, Mirrador, Miron, Mirtaz, Mirap, Mirtaron, Mirtazelon, Miramerck, Mirtazapina, Mepirzapine, Mirtabene, Mizapin, Nassa, Valdren, Tazepin, Merdaten, Mirtazep, Mirzaten, Vastat, Combar, Mirtaril, Amirel, Mirtapel, Ciblex, Zismirt, Norset, Avanza, Axit, Beron, Tazamel, Mirtastad, Mirtazapinum, Mirtin, Noxibel, Mirtel, Miro, Mirzalux, Remergon, Afloyan, Calixta, Zispin, Remirta, Mitrazin, Rexer, Mirtawin, Mirtapax, Mirtazepine, Mirtalich, Mirtazon, Remergil, Mirtagamma, Promyrtil, Mirtadepi, Mirt, Esprital

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