Vasotec (Enalapril)
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Product description: Vasotec is an ACE inhibitor which is used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure and to improve survival after a heart attack.
Active Ingredient: Enalapril
Vasotec as known as: Naprilene, Corprilor, Enam, Nalabest, Presopril, Vasopril, Revinbace, Megapress, Enecal, Ulticadex, Enaldun, Glioten, Gnostocardin, Denapril, Laprilen, Presuren, Antiprex, Glenamate, Angiotec, Reniveze, Pharpril, Enpril, Bidinatec, Ednyt, Ecaprinil, Ofnifenil, Bitensil, Controlvas, Analept, Supotron, Silverit, Enaprex, Olinapril, Meipril, Alphapril, Prilenap, Hipoartel, Sulocten, Imotoran, Insup, Virfen, Norpril, Hasitec, Enaladex, Enalten, Korandil, Baripril, Mepril, Auspril, Enalek, Cinbenon, Enafril, Ena-puren, Ditensil, Renopent, Stadelant, Enal, Innovace, Enalagamma, Acetensil, Dinid, Ekaril, Renacardon, Clipto, Enaprotec, Ileveran, Spaciol, Encardil, Alicante, Ecaprilat, Atens, Reniten, Enalart, Convertase, Konveril, Enabeta, Enapren, Hipopril, Hypace, Enetil, Hiperson, Reca, Enatec, Corodil, Prilenor, Enalaprol, Cosil, Tenaten, Epril, Daren, Lapril, Lenaberic, Rablas, Enap r, Defluin, Renil, Bajaten, Corvo, Enalafel, Renipril, Lerite, Vitobel, Amprace, Converten, Kintec, Convertin, Nacor, Calnate, Leovinezal, Olivin, Kinfil, Tencas, Enalaprilmaleat, Xanef, Herten, Dentromin, Intonis, Jutaxan, Renaton, Invoril, Enalbal, Bagopril, Gadopril, Enap, Enatral, Anapril, Octorax, Neotensin, Enapril-h, Hipertan, Cetampril, Ena, Feliberal, Zacool, Pressitan, Fibrosan, M-enalapril, Enazil, Tensapril, Ciplatec, Prilace, Enalaprilum, Enalaprilo, Dabonal, Vasolapril, Acepril, Maxen, Pulsol, Reminal, Envas, Nuril, Lotrial, Enacor, Tensazol, Biocronil, Selis, Renitec, Eritril, Hipertin, Ditensor, Pralenal, Enalaprili maleas, Narapril, Alapren, Bql, Vapresan, Enapril, Enalind, Renivace, Kaparlon-s, Iecatec, Enadigal, Vasopren, Enaprel, Hiperpril, Raserpril, Grifopril, Pres, Enarenal, Renapril, Elpradil, Enacard, Myoace, Eril, Enalin, Enaril, Benalapril, Carlon, Fabotensil, Enalabell, Enadura, Baypril, Enacodan, Tesoren, Vexopril, Istopril, Kalpiren, Lowtril, Stadenace, Minipril, Crinoren, Docenala, Lariludon, Vimapril, Prilan, Linatil, Pharmapress, Unipril, Lenimec, Dilvas, Innozide, Nalapril, Renistad, Enalich, Ephicord, Enaladil, Tenace, Pms-enalapril, Priltenk, Eupressin

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